Getting Real With the Blog

I’ve been thinking about this very much. How I’ve seen many bloggers “getting real” on their blogs. The Lord has also been dealing with me about “getting real” myself. However, I’ve been very slow about doing this for many reasons. I’ve seen too many bloggers use the whole concept of “getting real” to just bash people and air out their dirty laundry. Listen, I know people have problems and I know people have feelings but are you just sharing your feelings and thoughts or are you trying to make yourself look like a victim or use your outlet to make another person look bad? So with that in mind I WILL “get real” but I WILL NOT ever use my blog or social media accounts to make another look bad. I refuse to fall into the trap of making others look bad or feel bad in order to make myself look innocent or like a victim. Instead I want to get real about myself. I want people to be encouraged by whatever the Lord shows me as I walk through the daily life of living for him. There may be times where I might talk about being hurt or sad but not so that anyone can feel sorry for me. No because I want you, my beloved readers, to understand that I am a human being and I feel hurt, depression, sadness, joy, love and excitement just like every one else in this world.

I started this blog many years ago as an outlet for me to encourage others who may be dealing with the same issues I have gone through or going through currently. This is in no way for me to feel sorry for myself or get an audience to feel sorry for me either. If I ever start sounding like I am having a pity party please stop me.  I believe that you should come away with having learned something or having been encouraged by something that I have done, said or learned.  I want to develop a relationship with you, my readers. I want you to feel as if you know me as a person and feel comfortable telling me your honest feelings about what I have written, spoken, or shared.

Also I want to warn you that you may end up reading some of my fiction pieces. I have found that lately I process my own feelings by writing fictional stories or poems about others experiencing the same feelings as I do. It helps me to get it down on paper. If I post them I can’t promise that their stories will ever have an ending or that I will stick to the same story line. If I do share them I want you to understand that I am sharing a very intimate thing with you. I don’t share my writings with everyone for fear of rejection, I guess, or afraid of being criticized. I don’t know. I hate putting myself out there. I always have, I guess that is why I have always tried to play it safe. By doing things I know very well.

Speaking of putting myself out there. I have committed the next year of my life to the creative team at our church as part of the photography team. I’m both scared and yet very excited about it. I’m stepping WAY out of my comfort zone here. I usually tend to volunteer in ministries I’ve worked in before because I know them. Usually its music or kids ministry where I can kind of blend into the background, but I really felt as if I needed to step out of the “ordinary” and do something I’ve never done before. After MUCH encouragement from my husband who believes in me so much and my sister who I love dearly because I know she wants the best God has for me, I submitted the application over the weekend. So as you think of me pray for me that God uses this ministry to train me and stretch me into more of what God wants from me.

Also, I keep debating back and forth of whether or not to continue doing a few other things. Right now I am not sure which decision is the right one. I mean I don’t think it would be right or wrong either way, it’s just one of those things I have to decide if I am going to have enough time to devote to it or not. I’ll keep you updated. lol Anyway, thank you for allowing me to ramble on about myself, my blog and getting real with you. Thank you for continuing to come here and read my blog. My biggest hope is that our relationship will go beyond blogger and reader to more of friends. Thank you so much for your support and your prayers. And I’ll catch up with you again later in the week when I post my reviews of the Presidential Game, The 3rd book in the Jonah Stone series and Lisa Harper’s Overextended.