Auto Spell Gotta Love it

Don’t you just love the auto spell feature on our phones. My hubby and I was texting a week or so ago and I didn’t think to look back and check the text BEFORE sending it. In fact it wasn’t until I had sent it that I looked back at it and realized that auto spell had changed the whole text. In fact so much so that I just had to laugh and share it with you.


seriously how we got from beef stew, spinach and mac n cheese to needing stew, spinach anemic in cheese. I don’t know but it made for a hilarious post. Smile

PeopleKeys The Personality Style Workbook Review

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PeopleKeys sent to us The Personality Style Workbook to review for the TOS Review crew. It’s for ages 13 to 18. It uses their DISC personality system in order to gain a better understanding of your child’s personality style. It includes: A student DISC assessment, scoring instructions, personality style descriptions and an action plan for improving communication.  This workbook is priced at $13.00 and it is a 16 page paper workbook.

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GeekGirl and I worked through this together. For her it was more of an eye opener to her own personality and for me it just confirmed much of what I already knew. She pretty much did the assessment on her own. I just helped to clarify anything she may not have understood. I let her choose how she felt she would answer the questions and did not answer them for her. We found that she didn’t just clearly fall into one style overall. She was a cross between two styles. I find that to be true with most people as I have had experience myself in these kinds of assessments.

As far as the assessment itself it was pretty easy to understand what to do. Since GeekGirl is at the younger end of the age range I did have to clarify what some things meant but overall she understood what they wanted her to do. We worked on it a little every day because she gets overwhelmed very easily when trying to make decisions especially about herself. So to break it up we would cover the main assessment in one day and over the next week finished it out.

It can be done fairly quickly but my advice is to take your time. However, don’t over analyze your answers. I find that usually your first answer is the right one to go with. If you really try to think about it too hard then it could affect the assessment and come out different and not be a true assessment. Also let your child answer the questions and pick what they think is best. If you try to do it for them because you “know” your child then it might come out as being what you want your child to be like rather than what your child is really like. Some of the choices that GeekGirl made did not shock me. I expected them. But there were a few that she answered differently than I would have thought and it actually allowed me to see how she viewed herself.

I was very impressed with her ability to analyze herself pretty accurately and when I read the description of her two strongest personality styles they really sounded like her. I think this assessment was a major help for me just as much as it was for herself. Now we know how to deal with certain things in her life. I advise doing this with all your kids as they get to this age range. It will help, not only them, learn and understand themselves better but it will help you as the parent as well.

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