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Doorposts Beauty in the Heart Review

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Doorposts sent me their Bible study called Beauty in the Heart for me and my daughters to review. This comes in either as a softcover study or you can get it as a PDF download. We received it in softcover format. It’s priced at $14 and is geared for girls ages 12 and up.

In Beauty in the Heart your children will learn what God’s word says about beauty. What attitudes can actually detract from Godly beauty. Also in this study you will learn fundamental Bible study skills like: how to use a concordance, how to perform a character study, how use marginal study notes and much more. There are ten in depth studies on different women of the Bible like: Ruth and Esther as well as modesty and what the Bible says about adornment, etc.

My girls (Geek Girl age 13 and Princess age 12) and I are using this as our main Bible curriculum this year. We have been working through this together a little every day in order to glean together what Godly beauty is. As each of us answers questions and listen to the portion of scripture over and over again we have gained more and more insight into the Word of God. We have learned not only how important it is to look at not just that verse but at the time period the scripture was written, who wrote it and what was it that motivated the writer to put those words on paper. We also look at who it was written to. What is going on around the time it was written and so much more. All of that can have an effect on what is written and why.

The girls seem to be enjoying this study. I know I certainly am. I would be interested in checking at more of Doorposts products and possibly purchasing more in the future for us in our home. I believe teaching children how to study the scripture is important and it’s the MOST important skill in any Christians education. I like the simplicity of the study where it guides you into deeper knowledge rather than leading you to “their” point of view like I have seen some studies that I have done in the past. It’s all based on scripture not doctrinal beliefs and that is important to me. This is a product I do recommend.

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