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Notgrass Company Review

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I recently got to use and review Notgrass Company’s America the Beautiful Curriculum Package. We used both the America the Beautiful Student Workbook and the America the Beautiful Lesson Review .  The complete curriculum package is priced at: $99.95. This is for ages 10-14 (grades 5-8). You are not required to use photo Untitled-1_zps4833bafe.jpg  the student workbook and lesson review book and these are purchased separately, but since I have more than one student in this age range I decided to use both. My girls enjoy workbook pages especially short ones. The workbook is fun and the lesson review only has 5 questions per lesson. There are also weekly tests to see what your children have remembered for each unit. The curriculum package contains the following items: America the Beautiful Part 1, America the Beautiful Part 2, Maps of America the Beautiful, Timeline of America the Beautiful, America the Beautiful Answer Key, and We the People. The America the Beautiful Student Workbook is priced at: $11.95 and the America the Beautiful Lesson Review is priced at: $9.95.

We used this curriculum everyday for the past month and we all have enjoyed it. We have not only found this interesting but also fun with the weekly projects that you can do at the end of each unit. Each unit is divided into 5 daily lessons with a list of options at the end of each lesson that you can choose to do. The great thing about this curriculum is it is pretty much laid out for you. There is minimal work that must be done ahead, which is super nice when you are busy. It is suggested to do a unit a week but you can easily do a unit over a couple weeks if you do not do history daily. This is a one year curriculum but again can be adjusted to go longer if you prefer. The units each have a “family project” that can be done each week. I recommend you look ahead and gather the materials ahead of time for it. We did the first week project but due to time did not do the others. Which is, again, a great thing about this curriculum. You can adjust it to your family’s learning style and schedule.

A lot of history books start out with the pilgrims landing at Plymouth and do not go back to the earlier times when the native’s where the only people living here. This curriculum starts early in American history starting with the natives and the countries that discovered and visited our great nation before the landing of the Pilgrims. My girls and I were very interested in the Native American history because it is in our ancestry. I am 1/16th Cherokee that traces back through my mother’s lineage. So to learn more about our ancestors we were all very thrilled.

In my opinion this has been my favorite History curriculum to date. We are continuing to use this in our homeschool this year and I will also be using this with my youngest daughter in a couple years. I highly recommend Notgrass Company’s America the Beautiful curriculum. I am also looking into using some of their other curriculum as well.


This is the longhouse project done from Unit 1. Everyone got into the act including dad.