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Spanish For You Estaciones Review

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I got the opportunity to try and review Spanish for You! Estaciones You can purchase this Spanish for You - Estaciones photo spanishforyou-estaciones_zps3adcc14c.jpgproduct or others by going to the purchase page.  The complete program is $64.95 and covers grades 3-8. If you don’t need that big of an age range you can get Grades 3-4; 5-6; or 7-8 for $39.95. You can also purchase additional books for $12.95 in case you want one for each student. In each set you receive:

  • a softcover Spanish For You! book.
  • 24-30 week lesson guide (pdf download)
  • self checking worksheets (pdf download)
  • audio files (download)
  • flashcard/activity pictures (pdf download)

Estaciones theme is Seasons. It teaches your kids basic Spanish by using a theme. With the pictures, flashcards and games it makes learning Spanish fun. I believe that you can utilize this with a second grader that is reading well. Over all it covers a large grade range and the lesson plans are fairly simple to follow.

My opinion: I used this with my 2nd grader. We love Spanish For You! And will continue to use this over the next school year. It is easy to follow. You print what you need when you need it. The prep work has been laid out well in the book and all the games makes it fun and helps your child to remember the words easily.  For our family its simplicity works so well. I need simple. If something is too hard to plan out and prepare then most likely I won’t do it. So this program is awesome and we are loving it.

Note: My family and I have had to take a break from this program due to a life emergency. But we are all looking forward to starting it back up again. Since we are at the end of the school year we most likely will start this up again in the fall. But I think this curriculum is worth the price and will make learning Spanish fun for you and your children.

You can see sample pages of Estaciones by clicking here.