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Dragons of El Shaddai Book 1 Review

I received the opportunity to read and review the book Dragons of El Shaddai Ancient Bloodline (1) written by my friend Heather Dawn.

 Synopsis:  Jack Senifah is an average teenage farmboy.  Sure, witnessing the murder of his parents when he was a kid has left him a little troubled, but Jack has a plan.  You DOESABTB coversee, he lives in the future and in the future there are dragons and dragonriders.  Jack has been training to enter the dragonrider trials.  He soon discovers that becoming a rider is a lot easier said than done.  The dragons lose no time informing Jack that he must complete one of the most daunting tasks he could have imagined. He must find a way to peace with the Creator.  And he must figure it out while participating in the grueling Trials.

This is the first installation in the Dragons of El Shaddai series.


 Author Bio: Heather Dawn has been an avid reader of fantasy and lover of dragons since childhood.  Once she discovered how much Jesus Christ loved her, she turned her life over to Him.  He has never asked her to give up imagination and fantasy.  What He did do was put a story in her heart that couldn’t be contained.

A portion of every sale will be donated to the "His Hands and Feet" outreach ministry at The Potter’s House Church in Jacksonville NC.


My Review:

Heather grabs my attention immediately from the start of this story. That is something that I really like.  I always hate having to push through the first couple of chapters before being able to get into the story. If it can pull you in right away then I will finish the story. She is able to throw you into the action right at the beginning.

The story is well written and interesting and it’s a quick and easy read. It is full of action and adventure. It’s set in earth’s future where due to apocalyptic changes technology has been lost and Dragons have made a reappearance in our world. This story will leave you begging for more. I can not wait for book 2.

If you’re a fan of fantasy, you will enjoy this story.  It’s also a great alternative for Christian families looking for good stories besides the secular books that are out there.

This book is great for people of all ages. You can purchase the book in paperback or eBook (Kindle and Nook) format at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

If you want to connect with Heather Dawn or let her know how much you love her book you can check out her author page on Facebook here.