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Hunt for the Devil’s Dragon {Review}

Adventures in Odyssey Imagination Station Book: #11, Hunt for the Devil’s Dragon
By Marianne Hering & Wayne Thomas Batson / Tyndale House
Join cousins Beth and Patrick as they are whisked away for Libya in the 13th century. The town of Silene is being terrorized by a vicious animal that is eating livestock, and the townspeople believe it’s a dragon sent by the devil. To appease the beast, the people believe they must offer up a human sacrifice—a young girl named Sabra.
When Beth tries to help Sabra escape, she too is tied up as an offering for the dragon. Meanwhile, Patrick and a new friend named Hazi join Georgius, a Roman knight who is serving in Africa to keep peace. Georgius decides to find the dragon and kill it, but his plans go awry when Beth and Sabra beg him not to kill it. The girls know the true secret of Silene—and the dragon isn’t its worst enemy.



My girls and I had never before read the Adventures in Odyssey Imagination Station books before. This was our first experience with them. I was excited to get it because we love the Adventures in Odyssey radio drama’s and have a few in the car to listen to on car rides. I was surprised at how quickly you could read this book. Of course it is written for younger kids ages 7-12.  The girls and I decided this might be a fun one to read aloud so that’s what we did.

Boo said she loved the story. It kept her attention (which is hard to do) and she loved the fact that the story contained a dragon. Princess enjoyed the adventure part of the story.  There is enough action and adventure to keep everyone on the edge of their seats. It was well written and a lot of fun for us. We read the book in two days so if you want something your kids can devour and that holds great examples of God’s truth and good moral’s then I would grab up this series.

The girls and I are looking forward to reading more of these books.

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