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April 6th Bargain Finds

Last weekend I got to spend the day with my mom. We went to a bunch of yard sales, a thrift store and a discount shop we have here in East Tennessee. Knowing that we were going to be spending money I only allowed myself to spend the cash I had on hand. I’ve been reading Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace (awesome) and so as we would stop at yard sales and shops I would hear “do you need it and if so do you need it now?”, “is this a good price for it?”, “Can it be put to use immediately?”… and so on… Thank you Mr. Ramsey you have already helped me out.

As I was saying, I only allowed myself the cash I had on hand which was $24. I had something in mind that I was looking for before we even left and that was book shelves. Everyone who knows me knows that I love my books. E-books are great but there is nothing like the feel of a book in your hand. I also enjoy collecting old books. I don’t keep all the books I have ever gotten unless it’s a collectible or antique OR I know I will read it/use it again. Plus being a homeschooler and having three kids you hang onto a lot of school books until the youngest goes through it. So needing book shelves is definitely a major need in our home.

I did end up finding a couple shelves and a couple books but also a few clothing pieces that were very cute and for the price you just couldn’t pass up.


I picked up the little brown shelf for $3 and the black shelf for $5 so a total of $8 for those two shelves. I’m trying to decide if I want to paint the brown shelf white or black or another color but eventually it will be painted. I also picked up a couple books for $1 each, one about the states with gorgeous photo’s and the other printed in 1944 about Literary England. Very cool. So  my running total is $10….

clothing collage

The picture above is some things I grabbed up for the girls. 3 tops (one for each girl) and a skirt and pair of shorts for Geek Girl. All of that at $0.50 each. My total is now up to: $12.50

moms clothes collage

Then I found a couple of cute things for me and let me just say that this is where my biggest deal came from… The shirt I picked up for $0.50 and the Lucky Brand pants I picked up for $1. Yep, you heard right… These jeans are $100 pair of jeans and I scored them for $1…. They are in like new condition also. I’m pretty pleased with this purchase. So I am now up to $14.00 …

rug collage

I needed some rugs for my bathroom’s and one for the entry. I picked all three of these rugs up at a chain discount store we have in the area called Hammer’s. I assumed by the name that it was a hardware store but imagine my surprise when it was nothing of the sort. lol They have a little bit of everything, kind of like a Dollar General or Big Lots. I got these rugs at $2 a piece for the bathroom and $3 for the entry.. up to $21…..

I also scored a cute gift for a friend to add to her snowman collection. We both collect snowman and are always finding cute little things to get each other and that cost me $1… Not showing the pic of them because I don’t want her to see yet. I can say that the items are worth more than what I paid for them. So I ended up spending $22.

I think I did really good. I came in $2 under budget and I am ready to go back out next weekend and see what else I can find.

Did you find any great bargains lately. If so feel free to leave a link to your finds in the comment section below.