Random 5 on Friday–April 5th

It’s Friday and another week has ended so I thought it would be fun to link up with a little Random 5 on Friday blog hop hosted at The Pebble Pond.

So here is my random 5.

  1. Finally got the tags for our cars – We moved recently and hubby finally got the last thing done that needed to be done for us to be “local” citizens. He got the new plates for our cars. So we are official TN residents now.
  2. Geek Girl started Taekwondo – Geek Girl got to watch her sister and dad take Taekwondo a couple weeks ago and decided she wanted to take it too so she started her classes this week. She is picking it up fairly quickly.
  3. Taekwondo family – I guess we will become a Taekwondo family because Boo and I will also begin taking it in May. We are getting an awesome deal and even Boo was interested in taking it.
  4. School went VERY swiftly and smooth this week. – The kids finished up a lapbook and we are planning out the beginning of our next group study. Not a whole lot of complaining so things are starting to fall into place. backyard butterfly sept5
  5. Back in the habit of blogging – I’m really trying to get back in the habit of scheduling more blogging and writing a whole lot more. I also am looking for some free lance online work so I can work from home. Any body have any leads or suggestions? I already sell AVON so I’m not looking to start another business just bring in some extra income to get out of debt until my writing picks up and other things come together.

Well that is definitely a set of random things. lol Now I must go and get my day offline started. Hope you all had a great week and looking forward to getting to know you all.


4 thoughts on “Random 5 on Friday–April 5th

    1. That’s funny. Did you just move too? We have all really enjoyed it and I used to do TaeBo which is a mix of Taekwondo and boxing and I really had fun with that. Of course that is exercise which is the main reason I want to do it. 🙂 Thanks for coming by.


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