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Have you ever…..

Felt lost and overwhelmed? Ready to pack your bags and head for something familiar? That was me last week. You see in January I moved from our home in South Carolina after living in that area for 12 years. We stayed with my parents for 6 weeks while looking for a place to live here in Tennessee. Last Saturday we moved into our place. For the past 6 weeks it didn’t feel like I had moved away as I was too busy to really think about it. With keeping up with school work, searching for a place and just generally being busy it didn’t fully hit me. It all hit hard last Saturday night.

I was overwhelmed by feelings of change and unfamiliarity. Everything I had known is now different. My darling hubby has been so patient and understanding with me in this regards. It’s taking me some time to adjust from being in a small town to a much bigger and busier city.  Our little Fountain Inn will always be in my heart but this place is my new home. I know I will learn to love it too.

Last night I finally felt more “at home” than I have. I am starting to get stuff out of boxes and put away. Our little home is becoming just that, more and more everyday. Last night I enjoyed listening to my kids play with their daddy while I worked on some stuff on the computer and I just couldn’t help but smile. It’s starting to feel familiar. I am so glad my family is in the same home once again. After being in separate homes/states for the past year, I am so happy to be together. It reminds me that a lot of things that happened normally were taken for granted and now I appreciate them more than ever.

My hubby is always on top of things. Trying to make life easier for me. My kids, especially Boo, have to learn that she doesn’t just have mom here anymore, she can ask for dad too. It takes some time to readjust to everything again. But we are all doing a pretty good job of it.

Hubby and Princess has started Taekwondo now and he and Geek Girl are doing Astronomy club, so we are starting to get into a routine.  I am going to be so happy when ALL the boxes are gone and rooms are completely together. Then I will share pics of our new home.

We are going couch shopping this weekend. I have found tons of places to go. This will be the first couch that we ever bought for ourselves in the 14+ years that we have been married. I think hubby and I are both excited about that. It’s like Christmas for us. lol

Keep watching as I will post updates over the next few months. Also I got some great homeschool reviews coming up too… Here’s a sneak peak: Math U See; Journey to Learning; Progeny Press; Adventus; and more…. I’ve also got a book review for book 2 in the Fire Prophet series. Plus I have more news to share soon about a couple columns I will be doing for my friend Lara from Mom’s of Faith.

Also just wanted to let you know that I have a new Facebook page for my AVON shop. Head on over and “like” Dianna’s Avon to keep up with all the sales and new products coming out.


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  1. It takes so long to get settled. As someone who has moved over 12 times in her lifetime; I get it. I really get it.


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