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Cast of Characters

I wanted to take a moment and introduce you a bit to my cast of characters in our home. My girls are all interested in sharing their opinions on stuff and above on my menu bar you will see three new pages “Boo’s Corner, Princess Place, and Geek Girl’s Babblings”. But before putting their posts online I wanted to introduce them to you. 7 yrs

First off we have Boo .

  • She is my 2nd grade girl.
  • She loves Lalaloopsies, Barbie’s and now Novi Stars
  • She’s a fan of allaboutmeep on YouTube and Kittie’s Mama.
  • She makes video reviews of her new toys (even though they have never been posted online).
  • Her favorite color is pink.

11 yrsNext we have Princess

  • She is my 6th grade girl.
  • She loves Monster High, Kittie’s Mama and My Little Pony.
  • She will soon start taking TaeKwonDo with her dad.
  • Her favorite actress is Debbie Ryan from Disney’s Jessie.
  • Her favorite color is green.

Finally we have Geek Girl  033

  • She is my 7th grade girl and newly turned teen (Lord help me).
  • She loves Star Wars, Lego’s and watching stop motion Lego vid’s on YouTube.
  • She and her dad is part of an Astronomy club.
  • She wants to be an astronomer for NASA when she grows up.
  • Her favorite color is purple.

Of course last but certainly not least is Andy (insert pic). My darling hubby for the last 14+ years and for many years to come. He is my best friend and we enjoy spending a lot of time together. He recently started blogging (after years of me telling him to start one). You can check out his blog over at A Princely Jester in the King’s Court.

018A few fun facts about Andy:

  • He is a HUGE fan of Star Wars
  • He is a member of the 501st legion the LARGEST Star Wars costuming club and they troop for charities.
  • He loves his girls and tries to do something with each of them such as Astronomy Club with Geek Girl and TaeKwonDo with Princess. We are still working on finding something for he and boo to do together, besides shopping that is. lol
  • He is an awesome hubby and does a whole lot for our family.
  • His birthstone is amethyst. Smile


You all have gotten the opportunity to know me really well over the years that I thought it would be fun to share a little about the rest of my crew.

Keep watching for the girls blog posts and video’s and check out Andy’s blog.


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