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A+ Tutorsoft 1st Grade Math Review



I got the opportunity to try out and review A+ Tutorsoft, Inc.’s  A+ Interactive Math 1st Grade Math CD software program premium edition.  A+ Tutorsoft is an awesome company that offers both a full curriculum CD or online version of their math programs. The program is available for Grades 1-6; pre-algebra and algebra 1.  They offer the CD version in two different options: basic curriculum for $99.99 or the premium edition for $124.99. The price includes one full year of curriculum. Both editions offer you: fun multimedia interactive lessons, interactive quizzes, printable worksheets, lesson plans and more. The premium edition offers: parental controls, progress tracking and printable certificates.

When the product arrived I think I was a bit more excited about receiving it than my daughter was. I opened the package and immediately installed it. Installation was easy and painless. I advise you to follow the setup tutorial as it will help you set up your information correctly the first time. I unfortunately didn’t and had to find out what mistake I made and how to fix it. Which, thankfully to their easy to use FAQ’s in the program, was able to fix the issue and have the program running in no time.

My daughter, boo (7 yrs), wasn’t sure at first if she would like this or not. But, she quickly found herself breezing through the lessons and quizzes. Each chapter is easy to navigate and review again if you’re child has to work harder on a lesson. Plus with the printable worksheets you can get extra practice with a concept if needed.  The interactive quizzes that go along with each lesson helps your child see if they understand a concept or not. My favorite part is that when the child gets the answer incorrect the program takes them back through the problem and shows them how to do it again rather than just telling them if they got it wrong or right.


Over all I like how the program is set up and will continue to use it for my 7 year old student.


  • The ease of set up.
  • The printable worksheets.
  • The review of work done incorrectly.
  • The ability to track my child’s progress.
  • The parental controls.


  • Not thrilled with the price especially for those of us on a tight budget but it is comparable to other really good math programs out there and since this is a priority subject I do think its worth it.
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  • I do wish it would do the automatic progress tracking for us, which is only available in the online version of the product.

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