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Classical Academic Press: God’s Great Covenant book 1


I got the opportunity to try Classical Academic Press’s God’s Great Covenant Book 1 program. You can purchase the softcover Student Book ($22.95), PhotobucketTeacher’s Edition ($24.95), and an Audio Book Download ($9.95). This product is geared towards grades 3 – 6 but can be tweaked to work with 2nd and 7th.
God’s Great Covenant Book 1 contains 5 units each containing a theme for the stories and scripture that is in it. Such as: God’s Power; God’s Promises; God’s Redemption; God’s Provision; and God’s Faithfulness. It is designed to use daily for five days a week for each chapter but it can be tweaked to adjust to your schedule if need be with a suggested schedule in the teacher book. Each chapter consists of scripture reading, memory verse, a story and worksheet.
My girls and I used this for our main Bible curriculum for the last four weeks on a daily basis and we really enjoyed it. It opened up some pretty interesting discussions and things that caused us to dig deeper into the Word. For example one of the discussions we talked about was: “If God didn’t want Adam eating of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil then why did he put it in the garden to begin with?”  When you can find a curriculum that causes you to look at things deeper and opens door for more discussion then I think you have found a treasure.
In the Student book there are some fun illustrations through out the book. My youngest thought they were great and looked forward to seeing what the next one was. It also contains a quiz and worksheets for each chapter as well as a unit quiz at the end of each unit. Having the audio downloads available is a big help with keeping it interesting because then its not just “mom” teaching it.
Since I have only one child that fit into the actual “grade range” that this is designed for I did have to tweak it a bit. My 2nd grader, Boo would answer the questions aloud and would discuss it with us. I did have her work on the memory verses with her sister’s but I didn’t require it to be memorized just repeated after me. I find she ends up remembering it better later when we do that with her.  My 7th grader, Geek Girl, would read the Bible readings and sit in on the story part and would help her sisters with the questions. However, they all seemed to  enjoy it and in my book that’s a great thing. I would, come up with some discussion questions that would interest her and let her try to answer them or research them. So even though it is created for grades 3-6 it can be tweaked to work with both younger and older grade levels if needed.


Overall here is my likes and dislikes of this series.
  • I like that it is all scripture based.
  • I have not found any “doctrinal” influences in the reading based on a specific denomination, which I really like.
  • It encourages the kids to learn and memorize scripture.
  • It gets the kids discussing the Bible.
  • On this series I did not find anything that I have not liked. Which is saying a lot especially in terms of a Bible curriculum.

Boo’s opinion:

It’s a lot of fun. I like the pictures in the book.

Princess’s opinion:

It’s good. I like it.

Geek Girl’s opinion:

Yeah, I like it. It’s interesting.

(My crew is a crew of few words, lol)

I will continue to use this series for the remainder of our school year as our main Bible curriculum.

 PhotobucketDisclaimer: I received a free copy of this product through the Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for
my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.
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