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Where Has the Time Gone?

Here I am on the 23rd day of January wondering how it got here so quickly. My oldest daughter turned 13 today, which makes me the mom of a teenager. Wow time has just flown by.  This weekend she and I will be going away for the night for a mom/daughter time of shopping and fun. I can’t wait. I bought her first “real” set of makeup. She got her Facebook account which we laid down some very strict rules about. She is a good girl and I expect that she will be good about following them.  She is a good girl. My baby, that has grown up way to fast.  So Happy Birthday to my darling S.


Also, we made the move to TN last weekend. I haven’t had the time to sit down and catch you all up yet. We are in a temporary place for the time being while we search for a home. Thank God, for family. I can’t wait to find a place so I can get settled and finally unpack everything that has been packed up for over a year. A certain helper that helped us move over the weekend was teasing me about the amount of boxes of books I had. LOL I can’t help it. I do love books. I enjoy the ease and space saving of an e-book but I just love the feel of a book in my hands. I guess that is why I love to journal in a diary too. I know I will have to find some new shelves for them. I got rid of all but one before leaving SC. 

Although we were exhausted my hubby and I were very glad that our time of separation is over. Now we get to wake every morning to each other. Although, so far, I have been asleep when he has left. lol He gets up much earlier than I am used to and it will take me some time to adjust. I am such a night owl that this will be a hard adjustment for me. But I look forward to being up early and spending some quiet time at the beginning of the day and then spend time with him at the end of it.

I know I will be looking for some part time work here shortly which I hope won’t be too hard to come by. With my new teen in the house I believe she will step up and help out. She is such a good kid.

Well, that is what is up for now. I will catch up with you all more soon. I’ve got some reviews coming up and some other things as well as some pictures of the surrounding countryside that I am near.