Goodbye 2012 HELLO 2013

Here we are on the last day of 2012 and really I all can say is “Thank God”. For those of you have not been following me for very long you don’t know about all this year has contained. As much as I appreciate the lessons I have been taught during this past year and the insights the Lord has shared with me I will be very happy to have 2013 arrive.

In a very brief replay of the past year of my family’s life I will tell my new readers what has been going on. At the end of July 2011 my hubby was laid off of work. He was unemployed for 5 months and then started a job in Jan 2012 that is located in another state. He moved up so he could work and the girls and I have been here trying to sell our home which due to our bank we lost the contract we had on the house. (long story not wanting to go into too many details at the moment. I will most likely post more on this once I am no longer in the midst of this issue.) So for the past year we have been in separate states seeing each other once or twice a month as finances allow. It’s been hard but I’ve been able to deal with this because of my Faith. Honestly, I often wonder how others without faith gets through life. I just couldn’t have bore it otherwise.  But within the next 4-6 weeks my family and I will be reunited under one roof. YAY!!! I am very excited by this prospect.

I guess you can say that as hard as 2012 was I am looking so much more to the opportunities that 2013 has to offer. I am expecting great things for this coming year. It WILL be much better than this past year has been. With God directing our steps I can’t go wrong. Well, I could, but that is only if I don’t allow him to direct my steps or refuse to walk in them. I’m looking forward to moving past this transition that we are in and walking in God’s grace. The more I think about 2013 the more excited I get because of the possibilities and opportunities that could present themselves to me.

So all I have to say is “SO LONG 2012 AND HELLO 2013!!!”