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Fire of the Raging Dragon by Don Brown {Review}

I recently got the opportunity to read Don Brown’s new book “Fire of the Raging Dragon” which is part of his Pacific Rim series. 9780310330158


In Fire of the Raging Dragon—the second book in bestselling author Don Brown’s Pacific Rim Series—Stephanie Surber is stationed on board a submarine tender in the South China Sea when a naval war breaks out. After a gruesome discovery escalates America’s involvement, Stephanie’s father, U.S. President Douglas Surber, must choose to take a stand against evil … or save the life of his daughter.

It’s a novel full of “edge of your seat” drama and intrigue. At first I felt it started a bit slow but then the further I got into it the more I enjoyed it. I found myself having a hard time putting the book down by the end. You switch between each party involved and in the beginning it was quite confusing because I easily forgot which character was in which location, but, then as it unfolded I was able to put it all straight.

I’ll be honest I wasn’t sure that this would be something I would enjoy since I prefer reading historical novels but I was very pleased with how well written and how the story unfolded. It is a very interesting story line and I believe if you like modern warfare dramas you will love this one.  I don’t know whether I will read anymore of this series or not but as a first time or one time read it was quite enjoyable.

*I received this novel free from Zondervan in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and no other compensation was received.