Our Nation

Aspiring in ALL Areas

Recently the Lord put some things on my heart to write about but I have yet to do it. Why? Well, mainly because some people will think that it is somewhat controversial. But its not just one topic He wants me to write about. He wants to write about ALL my passions.

There are some things I haven’t written about because of several reasons. One, I don’t like conflict and prefer to steer away from it. Two, some people feel that if you have strong opinions about something that means you are intolerant. Which in this case I guess you would call me intolerant because I do not agree with things that do not line up with the Word of God. And three, people think if you share these views it means you are a hater and do not love people which God commands us to do in His word. Of course none of those things are true. I love people and as I said previously I can not tolerate things that go against the Word of God. However, that does not mean I am not merciful, forgiving or loving towards people.

You can love people and not agree with them. I have a few friends that I love dearly and we would do whatever we can for each other but we do not agree on everything in life.

The Lord has also shown me that if I am truly aspiring to be ALL that he has created me to be that I can not ignore the passions I have because he put those inside me for a reason. Those who know me know what I believe and why but we have so many that no longer share with the world and no longer stand up for conservative values anymore. I heard someone say recently that we have lost a lot of the conservative voices. We no longer have people who refuse to back down in the public eye. Too many have given in to quickly.

As you have probably guessed, I’m talking about politics. I can not ignore this area of my life. Because honestly my faith integrates in every area of my life including my politics and we need more people like that. I know this could cause me to lose some readers and followers but I don’t care. I can not continue to ignore that area of my life. God has given me a passion about certain political topics and I believe that there is a reason he has done so. Instead of ignoring it you are going to hear about it.

Growing up my mother always taught me to have a voice in the political arena. Little did she know that it would one day come out in my blog and who knows where it will go from here. I am not saying this is all I will write about. I will still write about faith, homeschool, our life and everything else I enjoy writing about but I am adding politics to my writing. Of course I don’t expect everyone to agree with me but I just feel a strong passion in me about this subject in particular.

To those of you who will stay with me, thank you. I appreciate every single one of you. To those that decide to leave: Farewell and I pray God truly blesses you.

I look forward to where this journey will take me.