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3 Ways to Include the Holidays in Your Homeschool


Can you believe its that time of year again? Here we are, at the beginning of the holiday season.  If you’re like me this is a very frazzled time of year for you. I know many who ask the question “how do you homeschool during the holidays?” . There are many different answers to this question. Some years for me are worse than others. It’s a wondering I haven’t gone bald. lol

I know some people who homeschool through the summer so they can take November and December as their vacation time because they are very busy.  However, the majority of homeschool families still school during the holidays because it works better for their schedules.
Here are few ideas of what you can do during the holidays to help you keep your schooling on track and yet not overwhelm yourself (like I have a tendency to do) with the added activities that pop up.

  1. Incorporate your holiday traditions into your school routine. If you do a lot of baking have the kids help. Measuring and doubling recipes teaches kids basic math skills. For older kids it can be a part of their Home Ec program (planning, following directions and being creative). Have the kids make Thanksgiving and Christmas cards as part of art class. Do a family heritage study by teaching your kids about where and how your family traditions began.
  2. Add in some holiday themed worksheets and/or unit studies. You can find a ton of free worksheets and unit studies online at TLS Books and .
  3. Lighten the load. Who says you have to do a full work load during your busy season? No one. One of the things I love about homeschooling is that we can customize our schedules and work loads based on what is going on in our lives and our scheduling needs. So instead of doing a full load, do the subjects that you feel are most important. Or work on just the ones that your kids need the extra help in and add back in the other subjects after you get back to the “normal” school year routine.


What that looks like for us:
For us, we tend to do a lot of holiday themed stuff for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We usually set aside our normal science and history lessons until January and focus on math, language arts, and reading (writing and spelling are usually incorporated as part of our language arts). We fill our days with “seasonal activities” that can only be done during this time of the year and creativity with art. Each year looks different though. As the kids grow we may change up the types of activities we do such as allowing the kids to bake by themselves without my help. And allowing them to help pick out the things they are interested in and want to study.


This time of the year should be a time of joy and fun. It should be a time spent with family. Finding ways to incorporate this season into our school should not cause us to stress. We should be free to enjoy this season with our kids and families and not be worried about falling behind. Think about the things you do for Thanksgiving and Christmas and any other holiday you celebrate and get your kids involved. That is part of what a homeschool education should look like.

I implore you to go out and have a fun holiday season. Work and learn with your kids. Make all kinds of fun memories. Don’t let the holiday season get you frazzled.

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