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My Post-election 2012 Thoughts

This has been a tough week for some and a rewarding week for others. Here in the states we have voted and Obama has won re-election. Here is the place where I could go off and let my emotions take over and go on a tirade, but I am not going to do that. For one it will not accomplish anything what’s done is done. Secondly, it will only cause deeper rifts that may not be repairable.

Those who know me personally know that I voted for Romney and you know why that is. I am not going to repeat all of that here. I will say that I voted for the person who held the platform for the things I truly believe in. Those Christians who read their Bible’s and know what the word says knows which things I am talking about because you hold those very things dear yourselves.

I will say this. Now that the election is over what are you doing to do? Are you going to whine and complain about all that has come to pass? Or are you going to pray for our leaders like we are instructed to do in  1 Timothy 2:1-2.

Romney is just a man. Obama is just a man. But God is God. The Alpha and Omega. The beginning and the End. He has changed the hearts of many kings and rulers throughout history through men like Daniel. If we remember that this is HIS story and ask him what role we should play then we will be okay. God takes care of His children and He has a plan. Our job right now is to pray like never before. Get on our hands and knees and pray for repentance for our nation, for restoration and that the hearts of the people be turned back to God.

We can not live in fear over a man because MY God is much bigger than any man. He created man. He created this world. He created the rules we live by.

We must continue to hold strong to our values and our faith. Everything we do must start in ourselves and true change only comes through a heart change.

I am going to continue to live my life in prayer and following the plan that God has set before me in training my children in the Bible and what good values are. I will honor my Father’s command in serving our country by praying for our local and national leaders. I REFUSE to allow fear and people’s opinions to keep me from God’s best. I will hold on to the hope that I have that God will use this for good for His people.

This just might be the wake up call that our country needs to get the Christian community on their knees and to turn people’s hearts back to God.


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