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Thanksgiving A National Holiday

I love history and my favorite historical subject is about early America. I love the birth of our country and the history of the nation even before we became a nation. For the past 12 years I have had the privilege to live in South Carolina which is one of the original 13 colonies. There is a lot of history in South Carolina. Of course a big chunk of my ancestry comes from one of the original natives of this land, the Cherokee Indians. You wouldn’t know it by looking at me thanks to the Irish, French and German blood that got mixed in as our family grew over the generations. But that is beside the point. I love to learn about the history of this nation. I am a true patriot, through and through.

Since Thanksgiving (one of my favorite holidays) is coming up I decided to do a little historical research and share some fun little pieces of trivia with you.

  • ID-10077952Thanksgiving became a national holiday in 1863. It was declared an annual event by Lincoln.
  • Thanksgiving services were held in the territory now known as Virginia since 1607.
  • Our modern Thanksgiving holiday traditions are traced back to a 1621 celebration at the Plymouth Plantation when the Plymouth settlers held a harvest feast after a successful growing season.
  • Every President has declared a day of Thanksgiving except for Thomas Jefferson.
  • Oct. 6th 1941 Congress passed a resolution that Thanksgiving would be celebrated on the last Thursday of November and then in December of the same year the Senate  passed an amendment to the resolution that it would be celebrated on the 4th Thursday of November.
  • The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is celebrating its 86th parade but if you go back it actually started in 1924 as the Macy’s Christmas Parade and then as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Christmas Parade. And if you go by that year it is actually celebrating its 88th year.


If you would like to learn more about Thanksgiving and The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade you can find a lot more on Wikipedia and by googling or checking out books at your local library.