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Dying to Self

Today feels like a fall day to me. It’s gray, rainy and all the leaves are off the trees. Most people would be depressed by this type of day, but not me. To me, it’s a great day to make some hot cocoa, sit before a fire (if you have a fireplace) and read a good book. This is one of my favorite kinds of days. Because on days like this I can let my imagination grow. I do a lot of thinking and sometimes a lot of praying.

Fall has always been my favorite season. Fall represents change and there is so much color with the changing of the leaves. The temps are cooler and its great weather for boots (my favorite shoe btw) and layering.

It’s a time when you see that some things have to die in order to bring new life in the spring. For some this is a hard concept to grasp. Even those of us who grasp the concept, we still have a hard time dealing with it. This year I am allowing some of my old self to die in order for God to plant His desires in me. If I don’t do that, my will and His, will constantly be at battle with each other.

This season of my life of change and dying to self is hard and yet it’s refreshing. Getting rid of so much of me and making room for so much more of Him feels so good. Allowing God to align my desires and will with His makes it all worthwhile. It’s not the easiest thing to do. Because the purging part can bring up so much pain. But it is possible and it needs to be done.

My desire is to be more like Christ every single day.  How about you? What is your desire?