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Halloween Fun

This was our first year where S did not trick or treat with us. She went to her BFF’s and got more candy than the other two combined. I thought it would be fun to share their costumes with you.


S dressed as a Ninja this year. Her costume turned out to be really cute once it was on and put together.


H had to be a pirate. We searched and searched for a pirate costume in her size but had a hard time finding one so she wore mine from last year. With the weather being cold she wore a shirt under it. It turned out to be really cute on her too.


A decided that she HAD to be a Lalaloopsy this year. Nothing else would satisfy her. So here she is as Pillow Featherbed. She sang to people as they opened the doors and she quickly learned that was how to get extra candy and lots of “awwwwww she’s so cute” comments. She ate it all up. lol

Over all they had a great Halloween this year and had a blast trick-or-treating in the neighborhood.