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Pictures of our Weekend

We had a fun and busy week last week. My mom and dad-in-law came to visit the girls and I and we did lots of shopping and eating and walking. Then I had church on Wednesday to talk about our Fall Festival and worship practice. Then Thursday the girls and I did our regular routing and then Daddy surprised the girl by coming to spend the weekend with us. We were really excited because the next day we were planning on going to the zoo to see the new baby giraffe, Kiko, that was born. Here are a few pictures of our weekend.

This is A’s favorite animal. She calls her Ellie. So we had to stop and say hi.



We also had to stop and say hi to Baby Bob the Orangutan because he was born on S’s 6th birthday. So he turned 6 years old this year.


And of course here is the little fellow that just stole my heart. Kiko the baby giraffe.



Kiko is a good son. He stayed right with his momma, Autumn. Did you know that Kiko means Autumn’s child in Swahili?

Of course we had to stop and get a family picture. Both hubby and I like this picture. I’ve lost 18 pounds and he has lost about 20. Of course we both have more to lose but we are both feeling much better already and both encouraged to keep losing weight.


Our Zoo was all decked out with pumpkins and stuff for Halloween because they do Boo in the Zoo every year. I found that the squirrel community really enjoys it when our Zoo does this. They get a little pumpkin treat.



Hubby got to carve our pumpkin for the family this year. This was the face they chose to do. lol So hubby had a little fun setting up this picture. Every pumpkins worse nightmare.

Pumpkin freak out

Here is what it looks like lit up. Bad thing is we haven’t been able to light it the last two nights because the wind blows out the candle. (Yes I’m too cheap to buy the battery operated tea lights. Good old fashioned tea lights work for us.)


I hope you all are having a great week and are all staying safe and warm inside your homes. Especially for my fellow east coast friends that are in the path of Sandy. My prayers are with you.