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1 Corinthians 13 Final Comments

Today I decided to come to you via Vlog. I know its kind of strange but I had to step out of my comfort zone (cause I am a nervous wreck imagining how many people could possibly see this) and do this. I’ve been feeling lead to do this kind of post for a while but I keep talking myself out of it. lol I’m much more comfortable writing to you from behind my desk with no video cameras around. But the more I tried to type up this post the harder it became until I realized that God was pushing me to do it via video. Forgive the video quality as for some reason my camera decided that the focus needed to go in and out. Don’t know why but it did. I started this video 9 times and deleted the 8 previous ones due to interruptions from kids and the dog.  I did change the video to black and white. I didn’t like how the color looked and I am very particular about stuff like that. Just ask my hubby.

So here it is..


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