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Wordsmith and Wordsmith Apprentice Review


As a mom who loves to write when I saw this program I was absolutely thrilled. I want my children to know how to write and be able to write well. My girls have very vivid imaginations and I want them to be able to use them to tell their stories in their own unique way.

Wordsmith Apprentice (Grades 4-6) is a self lead creative writing curriculum. The child gets to be an “employee” of a newspaper and learns to write different kinds of “columns” for their paper. They start off with easy things like list making and classified ads and work there way up to feature articles. My 6th grader was not thrilled about the idea at first but having been using it for the 068past few weeks she has become excited about the process and is also looking at creating her very own newspaper sharing family events and experiences with her family and friends. I can not stress enough how this has made my job in teaching creative writing to her much easier and more fun.

Wordsmith (grades 7-9) is a student/teacher curriculum where in the student learns to use words and sentences to clarify their story and make it more interesting. They learn to write a paper and it begins with the child writing a two page double spaced paper on something fun they did during the summer. You set it aside and come back to it throughout the year. You get to see how the child’s writing skills progress and also the progression of the paper from a simple impersonal account of something that they did during the summer to a beautiful story full of details and fun memories. My 7th grader loves to tell 067stories and she is enjoying the process of learning how to use words to make her story come alive. She has realized that writing is not always easy but well worth the outcome.

My final thoughts: As the teacher, I am very happy with how well this curriculum has fit into our lives and how much fun my children are having while using it to develop their writing skills. It is a curriculum that I will use again with my youngest daughter who also loves to tell stories. I believe that Wordsmith is a great addition to any homeschool whether your child enjoys writing or not. I believe writing is a necessary skill for everyone to learn because you need to use it at some point to communicate through the written word. It may just be a college paper or maybe you want to write a book. Regardless it is a skill worth learning.

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As a member of Timberdoodle’s Blogger Review Team I received a free copy of Wordsmith and Wordsmith Apprentice in exchange for a frank and unbiased review.