Something is Going to Happen

Have you ever had a feeling that something big is about to happen? I’ve had that all night last night and so far all this morning.

As many of you know we are “trying” to move to another state. My husband has been there for the past 7 months and honestly I am getting a bit tired of being separated from him.  It was definitely not by choice but he started a job in January and had to go and we still have the house to sell here. We’ve been in the midst of short sale paperwork and negotiations because our neighborhood was hit hard by the economy and the home values went down to the point we owed more than what the house is worth. Of course we are not worried about that in the least because we have a great big God who is in control and will take care of us.

However, the timing has just not fallen into place yet for all the things that need to take place in order for us to move. We haven’t been able to find a place to rent that could work and we could afford. Also the bank is taking a very long time making decisions and contacting us about stuff.

But during the middle of the night last night I had this feeling hit that when things start coming together its going to come together very fast and we have to be ready to jump on it.  I still feel like there is so much to do. I’ve limited my blogging time because I knew we were getting close to things getting done. We are only partly started in school because everything is so up in the air.

I’m so afraid that I am going to be caught off guard and and that I’m going to be scrambling to get it all done. I feel a bit overwhelmed. But I know that I will be so glad when that day finally comes and we can start a new life in the new state.

So if you wonder why my blog posts have been limited you now know why. Keep me in your prayers if you don’t mind because I definitely could use them.