City or Country?

Earlier today I was glancing through my feed reader and this blog title jumped out at me “City Mouse vs Country Mouse: Which is your Utopia?” And I started to really think about that.

ID-10067171There was a time in my life that I would have loved to live in the city. Have a cute modern looking condo in an area that I could walk to work and shop and eat. I imagine that life as a single woman or a young married couple with no children and maybe a small dog. I imagine the convenience of not having to drive anywhere and everything to be within easy reach.

Now, though, I find that I tend to lean more toward the country. The wide open spaces of being able to spread out and not feel like your neighbors are right on top of you. A spot for a small garden and big yards for the children and dog to run in. I can imagine my closest neighbor living further away and having to drive to the nearest town for groceries and events.

My reality is actually something in between at the moment. I am married and I have children and a dog but we are not in the country. I live in a cute neighborhood with a diverse community. We have a large yard compared to our neighbors and even though our neighbors are right next door they are not right on top of us. Of course this is only my reality for a short amount of time as our pending move gets closer.  I am curious as to where we will be living. What is the neighborhood like? Will it be more country or city? Which would I prefer?

I know that my city life is a desire that I would only want if I had no children and therefore is not exactly something I prefer at this time in my life. The older I get the more I relish my privacy and being free from nosy neighbors (not that I have nosy neighbors). I have started to really crave more simplicity in my life.  I have really started longing for wide open spaces.  Something that when I was younger I would never have imagined.

Which do you prefer: the city or the country? Or are you an in between kind of person and would be happy in the suburbs?