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As I think about the word beyond and how it applies to me right now I consistently think of everything that will happen beyond today. Because beyond today, I will be closing on our home and moving to a new state. Beyond today I will be starting a new school year and making new friends and connections in a new community. Beyond today my family will no longer live in separation and will once again be whole.

Also I think further out beyond the immediate future and what that will bring. The hopes and dreams that will come to pass and the daily life that we will live to get there. I think of my children’s futures and what it will be like for them to grow up and get married. I think of what their life may be life and I pray and hope that it goes beyond the scope of my imagination.

As I think of what will happen again beyond today I am filled with both excitement and sadness. Sadness to see some things come to an end but excitement about the adventure that is ahead of me. I am torn between the memories of the past and the hope for our new future, beyond today.



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6 thoughts on “Beyond {5 Minute Friday}

  1. It sounds like there are lots of changes in your …beyond.  Moving is always a bit stressful.  I know that as I recently moved.  But it sounds like a good thing as your family will be together.  I wish you well in  your new home.

    Blessings and love,


  2. Beautiful post. It’s hard letting go of the past and moving on to something new, but exciting at the same time. I struggle with that myself. Always wondering and waiting for the right moment to take the next step.


    • So true, Nancy. I’ve always had a hard time letting go. But I am usually so glad when I do because God does some wonderful things in my life when I allow him to lead me to the next adventure. 


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