5 Minute Friday {Story}

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Everyone has a story, whether you realize it or not. Some stories are more exciting than others, but that’s what makes each one beautiful. Not one story is ever exactly the same as someone else’s.

I think about my story often about where it is leading me too. I know the ultimate ending because of my faith in God. God writes my story for me and then I have to choose to follow it. Will I do what he has written for me today? Or will I mess up and follow my own way? I pray daily that I follow what he has written for me so that I can better my life and situation and reach people for him.

Who will write my story down for my family to read. I guess that is left up to me. Writing my story down so that my grand children and great grand children will get to know me through my words. Maybe my struggles and victories will be something that will encourage them to be victorious in their own life and story.

How will my story affect others while I’m here and when I am gone? I am curious to know. How will your story affect those around you?



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4 thoughts on “5 Minute Friday {Story}

  1. We all have a story that’s important to tell–His story. I do think it is important to write our stories down. One never knows who might be encouraged by them. Enjoy a blessed weekend.


  2. Visiting from the 5 Minute Friday.  We had similar thoughts today.  He writes our story!  It’s exciting, that He allows us to play a significant role.  I often wonder what affect my story will have when my time on this earth is over.  Have a blessed day!


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