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10 Ways We Beat the Heat Without Air Conditioning

I remember as a little girl living in Alabama the extremely hot summers. We had no air conditioning and when you live in the south and don’t have air conditioning there can be some days that just seem unbearable. Here are a few things we did to help beat the heat during the sizzling hot summer days.

1. We hung out in the basement – We lived in a house made from cinder block. Not my first choice of building materials but it ended up working out to our advantage. Having a basement as well, it was always nice and cool. We ended up spending the hotter parts of our days down there reading, coloring and playing.

2. We made kool-aid popsicles – These were a must on a hot summer day. When it got to be too hot it always helped to cool us down.

3. We ran in the sprinklers –  What kid doesn’t like to go running through a sprinkler. Plus it was a Beach toysgreat way to cool off.

4. We would go to a friends who had a pool or access to a pool –  It always helped to have a friend that either had a pool or at least had access to a pool. One of our favorite ways to cool off. We would spend all day swimming and just having a great time with our friends and not once think about the heat.

5. We would go shopping – It was always fun to go shopping on a hot day just to walk around a place with air conditioning. We didn’t always buy anything but we enjoyed it none the less.

6. We would head to the movies – We couldn’t go all the time but when we could we definitely made a huge deal out of it. Sitting in a dark cool room, watching a movie you’d been wanting to see. Who wouldn’t enjoy that?

7. We would buy a small wading pool – Yeah we were kind of to big for it but it helped us to cool down regardless.  Just enough room for two kids (depending on how big the kids are) to relax and enjoy a hot summer day.

8. We would sit in front of a fan – I remember my sister and I would sit in front of the fan and sing or talk into it. I know you know what I’m talking about. I am pretty sure at least half of you have done it too so you could hear the funny way you sounded with your voice riding through the blades of the fan. Certainly we weren’t the only kids that did that.

9. Water gun fights – Talk about some serious fun. We could squirt each other to our hearts content and enjoy every second of it. Well, until one of us would go off crying to mom because the other one of us squirted them in the eye. lol Still, good memories none the less.

10. When all else failed, we would hang out with a friend who had air conditioning – It wasn’t always as often as we would have liked but we did get to do it occasionally and boy were we grateful for those friends and their air conditioned houses.

Now here is some serious stuff to consider whether you do or do not have air conditioning this summer season. Heat stroke is a VERY serious and DANGEROUS thing so remember to keep yourself hydrated. Coming into this very hot weekend for those of us all over the south you must make sure you take care of yourself. Keep the sunscreen on and drink all the water you can get your hands on. Sugary soda’s and juice drinks will not work when it is super hot. Water is the only way to go. Believe me, I am the worst when it comes to soda’s but during the hottest part of the year even I slack off the soda and drink WAY MORE water than usual and so do my kids.

Have fun this summer. but do so wisely.