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Yeah I know, I’ve been missing in action lately. It’s not you, it’s me. I’ve been praying and seeking and dealing some stuff personally that has not left me a whole lot of time. But that is not the main reason I haven’t been here. The main reason is because, I’ve had some days lately that I have just been down and depressed. For a few days I allowed my attitude to dictate my activity and just didn’t have the energy to get on here and write. And that, my friends,  is not a good reason to hide. Of course I don’t post a lot when I am in this mood because I feel if I am going to say something and its going to be out there on the world wide web for everyone to see then it should be encouraging and uplifting.  I don’t want to bring you down ever. But God has done some awesome things for us. He has shown his love to us and has shown provision.

You see one of the things that I have had to deal with lately is my eldest daughter. We took her to the Memorial Day Weekend2012 050dentist last week for some cleaning and to have her teeth examined because she has been experiencing pain off and on throughout the day. Come to find out she had not one but two very bad cavities in her bottom teeth. They were so bad he recommended us to an oral surgeon. We had a consultation last Friday with the oral surgeon who will be doing her surgery. Because of her fear of needles and the fact that she has a tendency to freak out over any and all medical procedures he wants to put her under before administering the IV. To do that requires doing the procedure in the hospital or at a clinic. We opted to have it done at a clinic because it will cost WAY less than going to the hospital because of our deductible. The bad thing is that we need to pay for the clinic upfront (because they don’t take insurance and its still less expensive than the hospital deductible) and frankly we don’t have the money for that at this time (considering we are trying to move and sell our house, AND we dealt with a layoff and therefore have NO savings at this time). The really cool thing is that God has shown his love by having awesome people in our lives that is willing to help us but of course they can’t pay all of it either but can help with part of it. I am believing God for more people to be able to help so that we can have this dealt with and my daughter can move forward and not have to deal with this pain anymore. So please be in prayer over her and our family and please pray for provision in this matter.

Also, I’ve felt it necessary to pray about this blog and about where its going. The Lord has placed it on my heart to sit down and write out what I want and expect from this blog. So I am praying and seeking him on the direction of this site and going to write out a purpose statement for it. I will post that once I have it written up.

I am not gone forever. Just going through life like everyone else. If you are curious about what I am up too you are more than welcome to email me. I love getting your messages and reading your comments to see what you think about what I have written.

Thank you all for continuing to come here and read my blog. I am still in awe that someone actually wants to read what I have to say.

God Bless you all,