Project 52 Weeks 19 – 22

Week 19 Bunny wm

Week 19: Our bunny bravely returned this year. Even with the threat of another dog running in the backyard. I hope it survives.

Mother's Day Week 20


Week 20: The homemade gifts that I got for Mother’s Day this year. I love my girls. Upper left: A friendship bracelet made by S. Upper Right: One of three pictures drawn by A. Bottom: A Lego greeting made by H. Just perfect for me.

Cedar Falls Week 21 wm

Week 21: Spent an early morning at Cedar Falls in Fork Shoals, SC. It’s so pretty and was so peaceful there since we were there before everyone else. I really enjoyed it.

Memorial Day Week 22 wm

Week 22: Spent the evening balloon chasing since it was the annual Freedom Weekend Aloft celebration. This of course is one of my favorites of the balloons. It comes back every year sporting our countries colors and the Declaration of Independence. God Bless America!!


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