April 3 in 30 Week 3

You know I am really working hard here on finding a way of organizing my schedule that works for me. I’ve tried so many different methods. They all have things I love and then yet they all have things that I just don’t like. So I am working on my own version incorporating the things that work and changing the things that don’t.

  • Create and Use a “to do” list –I am putting together a household notebook. That way I have my list schedule and everything else all in one place. I need this or else I end up scatterbrained not know what is going on. So I will share more about that as I complete it.
  • Work on Blog Content –I have several posts scheduled out and more in the works. I also have a giveaway coming up in May on Mother’s Day so keep your eyes open for that.
  • Work on next two months of the school plan – Wouldn’t you know it? I am almost done with this and things get flipped and turned upside down. I’m going to be working on re-scheduling things and opening up our schedule a little bit more.

How are you all doing on your goals and plans this week?


14 thoughts on “April 3 in 30 Week 3

  1. I know what you mean about putting together schedules and to-do lists. I am the master at trying a gazillion methods.  One of these days… 
    Good job on the blog posting ahead of time! Some day I aspire to get there. 🙂


  2. I also was working on the last two months of school plans. Just had finished them and also was thrown a curve ball.They are on my list for next week. Your goals are going great though. Look forward to learning more about your planner.


  3. I really like your idea of a household notebook. That would make things a lot easier in terms of knowing what to do and on what day or during what month. After attending a homeschool conference last week, I feel like I should re-do my homeschool calendar as well based on what I learned. There were some great ideas shared there! You’ve made great progress this week!!


    1. Thanks, Ann. It’s amazing some of the things we learn that sometimes we think “why didn’t I think of that before” lol. I also love learning new and easier ways of doing things. Especially if its going to make life simpler. 


  4. I’m working on the last two months, too, for our homeschooling plan. Hey, I know how it is, to have a to-do list and not quite get to it, so you probably got more done than I would have. Sounds like you’re still in the game for this month, so good job!! 🙂


  5. Nice one! You’ve made real progress this week. Must be the week for home school planning, as I’ve done all mine too 🙂


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