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I love blogging and writing about stuff that I find interesting or that is important to me. But you know what else I love? I love connecting with my readers through the different platforms of social media that is out there. I like getting to know you, my readers, and develop a relationship with you. I have different ways that you can connect with me via social media.  In my sidebar I have a section titled “connect with me” with links to the 5 different ways you can connect. First off we have the RSS feed button so you can subscribe to my feed via RSS in your preferred feed reader. Or if you would just rather get my blog posts delivered directly to your inbox you can put your email address in the form to the right and subscribe via email and never miss a post.


Maybe you’re a Tweeter, you can find links to my blog posts, Facebook page updates or just what I am talking about at the moment all in your Twitter feed.


You may prefer Facebook, and why not, most people do. Aspiring to Be is on Facebook where I will post a scripture or quote or whatever else I feel may be relevant to my audience.


Of course who doesn’t love that brand new, addictive fun website Pinterest? If you’re a fellow pinner you can find me there also. pinterest

What are some of your favorite ways of connecting with bloggers/readers?