April 3 in 30 Goals

Well here it is April already. What happened to the first quarter of the year? It just seemed to have flown by. I am looking forward to this month. We are hoping to be moving this month. At least I am praying that we will be moving this month. Until then my 3 goals for April are:

  1. Create and incorporate “To Do” list into our days – I know that this is going to be a huge improvement to our day to have something that I can check off the things that I do. I know I will get more accomplished and feel better about my day.
  2. Work on Blog Content -  I have already begun writing some upcoming posts but I want to incorporate more into this blog to really help it to take off. We have some series that I am working on and my eldest daughter is going to start a video series on here but that may have to wait until we get moved.
  3. Work on plans for the rest of our school year – I’ve got to finish working on our end of school year plans and that is what I need to get done by the end of the month to see how much time we really have left. So I need to schedule that out and then work accordingly.

So what does your goals look like for April?