3–in–30 Week 4 and another Update

Well week 4 is finally here and here is what I have thus far..

  1. Getting up earlier – I’ve done much better this week with this one. I’ve enjoyed the quiet mornings and even though I didn’t exercise as much this time I have enjoyed that time for prayers and study.
  2. Purging – I’m still working through this. It seems like everyday I find more to get rid of. So its going well and I look forward to carrying this over into next month as well at least until we move.
  3. Find A Place to Live – This is still on going. We’ve had some leads but then they don’t meet our needs. So it is continuing to look.

Now onto an update on our current home: After two weeks of not hearing a thing from the bank about our short sale they finally assigned us a new specialist to work with and the appraisal was done this past Sunday. So now we are just waiting on the approval from the bank on the offer that is sitting there. I am hoping and praying that we hear something within the next week so we can move on with our lives. I feel like my whole life is on hold but I continue to work on finding a new place. I am so tired of living a separate life from my husband. My in-laws were down spending a few days with us this week and mentioned that it was almost like being a single mom. Some days I do feel like that but there is one thing I have that a single mom does not. I have a husband that is working so I don’t have to, even though we are not in the same house right now. I could not imagine also trying to work a full time job and do what I am doing. To all of you single mom’s out there, kudos to you for what you do. You have a hard job working, taking care of your home and the kids. I know God will truly bless you for all you do for your children.

So that is where we are at the moment. I am so looking forward to having this part over with.


10 thoughts on “3–in–30 Week 4 and another Update

  1. I just found you through the 3 in 30 linkup and I just wanted to encourage you to be persistent and read every detail as you go through the Short Sale process. It is emotionally and physically draining. Praying God’s guidance and discernment for you to be present as He was with us last year.


  2. It is so hard to live your life on hold like that and also to live separably from your hubby. I pray there will be good news soon.


  3. Wow – I had no idea that you had to live in a different house from your hubby. How hard that must be! I know that I have a tough time when my guy is gone for the night….kudos to you!!  Here’s hoping that you’ll be able to announce good news soon!!


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