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From Blah to Awe by Jenna Lucado Bishop {Review}


Book Description

Have you ever felt bored with God?

Everyone, especially teenagers, struggles with being bored with God from time to time. Sometimes church services and Bible reading don’t seem that exciting, and it’s easy to get busy and not make time to pray . . . but when this happens, we are missing out!

Jenna Lucado Bishop shares her testimony and others’ stories to see what a radical, living relationship with God looks like. But this book is not just based on feelings. The Bible gives steps that will help girls hunger and thirst for more of God.

This book will not only offer girls a fresh perspective, but it will also help them do a little soul-searching and discover where they are in their own lives. Plus, it will let them in on the world’s greatest secret—that the Creator of the Universe loves and cherishes them deeply and that a fulfilling relationship with Him is the most exciting they will ever have.

My Review:

I started reading this book mainly because my oldest daughter will be a teen in another year or two and I want to make sure there are good books out there that hold true to the Word of God for her when she gets to that stage in her life. What I didn’t expect is that this book would actually help me along the way as well. Jenna, Max Lucado’s daughter, has a fun way of writing that just draws you in. She’s real and she is also a story teller just like her father. She doesn’t mince words and she uses a lot of scripture to back up her points. I really like that she points teen girls to the Word of God. Jenna, share stories of normal and not so normal people and how they live their lives in awe of God’s love and plan.

The book, lays out a lot of ways of why kids feel blah in their faith and share’s truth that God cares about you and how you feel about your faith in Him. It shows how you can change that blah faith into an awe faith by building your relationship with our Father. It shares that the more we read the Word, spend time in prayer with him, sharing his love for others and worshiping him that we can completely change how we view our faith in God.

I highly recommend this book to teen girls and young adult women who are struggling in feeling bored in their walk with Christ. You can purchase this book by clicking on the cover image above.*


*Disclaimer: Thank you to Thomas Nelson for sending me this book for free in exchange for an honest review. The link to purchase the book is through my affiliate and I will be compensated if you purchase the book through them.