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Allowing God to Lead in our Homeschool

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I have been homeschooling for 7 years now. And this year we have come to a place that we were just not enjoying it anymore. I was filling out my schedules and so focused on the books that I forgot to seek the Lord and ask Him how to school our kids this year. I do that with every other area so why not do it in regards to our schooling.

So recently I took a step back and prayed and just really asked the Lord to guide me in how to educate our children. One of the themes that he kept putting in my heart is “simplicity”. Keep things simple. Don’t try to over do it. Don’t over think it and enjoy it.  So I stepped away from my schedule and took a day off and allowed the kids to play while I allowed that concept to grow in my heart and mind. I then asked myself a few questions:

  • What do I think is the most important thing my children should learn? – For me it’s English (Grammar) and Math. A friend once told me “if they can read they can learn anything”.  So by focusing on English and Math as the priority subjects I can guarantee that my child can read and do math well. If she can read well then she can learn history and science. If she does math well that will also be incorporated in science further down the road.  So my main focus will be helping them to excel in English and Math which will help them excel in the other subjects.
  • How important is testing to me?  – Right now its not very important. In a few years when my oldest hits the highschool age, then yes, testing will be more important so I am going to back off of testing.
  • How do I incorporate History and Science? – This year we are reading more books rather than just texts and the text books are being treated more as readers than information that has to be remembered. We are enjoying video’s, library books and online resources to make this area more fun. Planning field trips and projects that the kids really enjoy doing. They tend to remember information more when they are enjoying learning about it and alot of times doing these fun activities make them want to learn more about the subject.
  • How do I let go and not worry? – It’s not as easy as you might think, because like all homeschool mother’s I also wonder if I am teaching them enough. But then I have days where they will remind me about something we learned and then I know that I am doing alright. It’s still hard to let go of my own way of doing things but when I let go and follow the directions that the Lord leads me in our school day runs so much smoother. Not that we don’t have some rough patches but we aren’t as frustrated at each other and we can get over the hard stuff easier.
So I have come to the conclusion that if we aren’t lead by God in our homeschool then frustration and unhappiness follows. Allowing God to lead in EVERY area of life is not always easy, especially for us humans who think we have to control everything.  But when we do let go and let God, we tend to learn so much more (especially mom).
So to sum it all up, when home educating remember to seek the Lord and His will for your homeschool. Just like everything else in life, when you seek Him in your schooling you will be pleasantly surprised at the results.
How do you allow God to direct your homeschool?

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