3 in 30 February Week One Update

Weekly update on my 3 in 30:

  • Exercising – Out of the last 7 days I exercised 5 out of 7 by walking 4 of those days and and using resistance bands to do some toning. In fact I lost a pound last week and am looking forward to losing more this week.
  • Waking up Earlier – I woke up an hour earlier last week and on a couple days actually woke up 2 hours earlier. So I am getting up earlier I just want to be more consistent with the time in the mornings. Some days I allowed myself to sleep a bit later because of having a rough night with one of the kids. But over all I am not to disappointed with how things went last week.
  • Sticking to a Schedule – This one has been a bit harder to do. I have stuck to it a bit, I have gotten up and done my bible study and exercise in the morning and then started school with the kids. But its been harder to do because of showings on our house. You never know when you are going to get a call for a showing and then have to pack up and run. Yesterday we did our school work in the van while we had a showing during the day. So this one is coming just slowly.
So how are you all doing on your challenges?



12 thoughts on “3 in 30 February Week One Update

  1. Girl 2 of your goals are common to mine! Getting up earlier and schedule. I pray you have a great success in the rest of this month in those! I’m journeying with you πŸ™‚


  2. This is AMAZING.
    You are doing so well!!

    And — I LOVE your blog! ❀

    I have two young (well 5 and almost 2) so I definitely understand giving yourself permission to sleep a little bit later…

    but 5 out of 7 days exercise?? You are on a ROLL!! Keep it up, friend!!


  3. That getting up earlier thing is a toughie for me as well. I am very much a night owl and to force myself out of bed in the morning is nothing short of a small miracle.

    I love that you are being creative with homeschooling your kiddos in the van. That can not be easy and I fully commend you on it.


    1. Thanks, Sherri. I am a night owl to and it is very difficult. lol But I’m doing it.

      Homeschooling in the van is not my first choice but because it was cold and rainy it was kind of the best place to school. lol


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