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She Turned 12… and more…

I missed my Monday post this week. It’s been a crazy past few days. My baby girl, my oldest daughter S turned 12 on Monday. But lets go back to Friday to explain why I missed my Monday post.

Friday my wonderful, awesome hubby came home to spend the weekend with us. This transition from one state to another is difficult because he is there and I am here. We want to so badly be together but with this house still on the market moving all of us up there is just not going to happen at this time. We are trying to be very patient and wait on God for the right people to by our home and the right home there to open up for us but its very difficult. Anyway, hubby came home and we were so thrilled.

My mother and father-in-law also came in on Friday to spend the weekend with us for S’s birthday. Saturday we had the birthday party with a few of her friends and also took her shopping for her first cell phone. She had long since stopped asking for a cell phone. She had finally made up her mind that she just wasn’t going to get one. But since she is getting to the age where she will be spending more time away from me and hubby that having a phone with her would give the both of us peace of mind that she would always be able to get a hold of us if she needed to. It’s just a prepaid phone. She doesn’t need anything fancy right now. Also we are using the phone to teach her responsibility. She has to earn her minutes so she has to be very careful not to use them up in one week and make them last because she only gets a new set of minutes once a month. She is doing very well though.

Sunday we decided to spend as much time with hubby as possible since he had to go back that evening because he had to work on Monday morning. His new boss was afraid he wouldn’t come back after having been gone over the weekend. lol

Then on Monday my mother and father-in-law helped me to do some touch up painting in the house. They were such a big help to me. I wouldn’t have been able to get as much done as quickly if it wasn’t for them. I am very blessed with wonderful in-laws.

Tuesday we got back into the school routine and cleaning and catching up with everything else we had to do so that is why I missed my Monday morning post. To say I am tired and sore is an understatement. I still have some painting left to do but the majority of it has been done.  Plus I still have a garage to finish sorting and cleaning out and packing up. Right now life is crazy and I am trying my best to keep up but you know its very difficult. So if I miss a day of posting just know that its not because I am not blogging anymore its because we are going through a major transition in our life. Now I am going to leave you with a few photo’s of my baby girl… Then and Now…


1 Year Old


6 years old


12 years old