3 Things to know….

Before reading a Karen Kingsbury novel.

  1. You Will Cry – There will be tears of joy, sorrow, and fullness. Make sure you have a tissue box in hand.
  2. You Will Not Want to Put It Down – Karen has a way of writing that you will be hooked from the first page. You feel like your in the story watching these things play out. You will not want to do anything until its finished. When it is over you will be wanting more.
  3. You Will Walk Away Having Learned Something – Karen’s books are not just Christian because there is a verse here or there. No its Christian fiction because the characters are constantly in communication with the father either in their thoughts, prayer and worship throughout the entire story. In fact her books have so far encouraged me and filled me to overflowing. There is a beautiful message of Hope and faith throughout and that is why she has been added to my favorite authors list.

I usually do not read Contemporary Christian fiction, I tend to gravitate more toward historical fiction. Mainly because I have read too many contemporary novels that can only call themselves “christian” because they threw in a verse or two. When in fact it was not much different than secular contemporary fiction. So reading Karen’s books were so refreshing. I got to hear her speak at the Women of Faith conference that I attended back in September. She was so funny and it made me curious. I had never read anything by her before. So I went to the library a few weeks ago and saw one of her books. So I read it and have been hooked since. In three weeks I have read 7 of her novels. Two from the Firstborn series, all four of the Sunrise series and one of the Bailey Flanigan series.

If you get the opportunity to pick up any of her books from the library you should. They are awesome.


* DISCLAIMER: I was not paid for, nor did I receive anything for this post. This is just a recommendation I wanted to share with my readers.*