Begin to Live

365-003 WMEach day I try to read one chapter of Proverbs a day. This week as I was reading Proverbs 9 one of the verses really stuck out to me. Verse 6 says:

Leave your simple ways behind, and begin to live;
      learn to use good judgment.”

I have a slightly older NLT Bible and it says:

“Leave your foolish ways behind, and begin to live; learn to use wisdom.”

I don’t know why it struck me so hard. So I began to pray and ask God if there was anything foolish in my life that I was hanging on to. So he gave me three questions:

  1. What foolish (or simple) ways am I hanging onto that is hindering me from really living?
  2. How do I let go of these ways?
  3. How do I begin to live?

As I prayed and thought about those questions and that verse I felt like my biggest issues that I hang onto is my attitude and my pride. So I began thinking about question 2. How do I let go of these ways? Immediately I knew. It was by renewing your mind. How do we do that. Romans 12:2 says:

Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.

We need to change the way we think. How do we change the way we think? By getting into the Word of God. Spending time with him, in his words and in prayer.

So obviously the next question is, how do we begin to live?  By allowing God to work through us and for us. By allowing His word to change our minds and hearts until we think, speak and act more like Him.

Once I was able to see this, I already noticed a change in myself. I noticed that I wasn’t as worried about things. I felt more free than I had in the past week and I felt my faith soar. I know I am not perfect and as long as I live on this earth I will not be perfect. But I know that more I let go of my flesh and grasp onto who He has created me to be, the more like Him I will become.

Ask yourself those three questions and pray and seek Him about them. Let Him show you where you need to change.

Have a Blessed day today.