Life Lessons

It’s been crazy the past week. Trying to pack between showings. It’s hard packing up and trying the house to look nice for people. Plus doing school schedules and getting ready to start back which we are doing today. Praying that I don’t go crazy missing my darling husband while he is away. Yeah, its been crazy. But you know what, whether moving or not, life is not ever simple in our home. There is always something going on.

I think that I would get bored if my house wasn’t like this. God knows what I need and he gave me the family that would help me to be all that I can through Him. My family has brought so much joy and love and adventure into my life. Lessons that I would not have learned had God not blessed me with these wonderful girls.

For example: A just ran in here crying for all that is in her because her wonder woman figure broke. Of course she is learning to be patient, to not scream at everything and that things in this world do not always last. It’s a tough lesson for a 6 year old. She is also learning that super glue doesn’t always fix everything.

S, my almost 12 year old has learned that life is not always fun and isn’t always fair. That sometimes you have to do things that you don’t want to do in order to achieve the end result that you want. For her its Math. But in order for her to become an Astronomer she has to do Math in order to achieve this goal in her life.

H, my 10 year old, is learning to just stay out of her sisters way when learning life lessons. lol And to learn from everyone else’s mistakes so that her life is much easier. She is also learning that reading is not as easy but she can do it and she can defeat the long words that really freak her out. lol

See life is full of lessons to be taught and learned. I am so glad for God’s grace, wisdom and mercy as I learn to teach these girls to follow after God with their whole hearts and to learn from their mistakes and move on. That He is helping me to teach them to not believe the lies of the enemy that they can’t accomplish the things that they set out to learn. Now that is a tough lesson we all need to learn. Smile 

Praying you have a wonderfully blessed week.



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