Reevaluation Time

At the beginning of the year I usually reevaluate and do some rescheduling of our school year thus far. It’s a good time to look at what worked or didn’t work for us the first semester and work in some new ideas and subjects. So I pulled out the planner and printed off some pages and went through and started scheduling the next three weeks of our school.

I only like to do it a month at a time so I can make any changes that need to be made as the school year moves along. Because, as we all know, life happens. There will be times I will have to lighten up on the school work and some times where we will have to pick up the pace. It just depends on where we are in life. For instance we have a move coming up and we may have to take some time off to make that move.

One of the things I am changing is the Bible curriculum. I think I’m going to do more of a devotional thing rather than a full curriculum. Also I am going to really put a focus on handwriting. I feel it’s a lost art and I want my kids to be able to write well. Also next year I want them to have some type of art and/or music class. Possibly taught at home so we can all do it together. I’m researching ideas. Do you have any ideas as far as art/music is concerned? I would love to hear them.

As far as everything else. The kids are loving the reading that we are doing and the other subjects are working out pretty well so I think so far this year we have done really well. We’ve not had major issues with the curriculum and we are enjoying learning. So it looks like we are good for the remainder of the year. YAY!!!!