Update and What’s Coming Up

Our first few days of the new year have been pretty calm. Besides the emotional day when hubby and I said good-bye, though it is just temporary. It’s amazing how the past 5 months I have gotten so used to him being home that it is so weird not having him here with us. Of course we are both very thankful for this new job. God is so good. Today (Tuesday) is his first day to work. Last night he said he was really excited and looking forward to going back to work this morning. Of course it snowed there last night. I don’t envy his drive to work in the snow and cold. Of course here later I will be getting out to run some errands.

This is our last week of “Christmas break”. We start school back next Monday. So this week is my week to work on the schedule for this half of the year and look over everything that worked and didn’t work and make adjustments. Of course this is our first semester in the past year and a half that I won’t be including co-op in our schedule. It just seems so wrong. The girls and I already miss our co-op family.

I’m working on planning S’s birthday party. It’s hard to believe that she will be 12 this year. She said last night “that means next year I’ll be 13 and will be old enough to have my own facebook account.” lol Of course being mom I said “Let’s get through this year first.” lol She is growing up and way too fast for me. She’s almost as tall as I am. It’s scarey thinking of my little girl growing up. But she is a good kid. I have no doubts that she will continue to grow into a loving, caring and sweet young lady. As long as her sisters leave her alone, that is. lol

January 15th I am joining in with a Bible study at GoodMorningGirls.org . We are covering the book of Ephesians. I am so excited about that. It’s going to be awesome. By the time we are finished we will all have written out the entire book of Ephesians and really gotten into it and studied it. With our coming move I think it will help me to stay in the Word through all that is going on.

I’m also going to work on doing my own version of a 52 week project in photo’s. I will post a photo a week that was taken during that week. At the end of the year I should have one photo for each week of the year. That I can put into a collage at the end of the year and have a record of my photography. I am really excited about that.

I think this year is going to be a GREAT year. What about you? Any plans? I love to read your comments. Feel free to post them. Siggy8

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  1. Sounds like lots going on for you and your family in the new year. Praying for a smooth move for you all and I look forward to reading your posts and seeing your photos for the new year 🙂


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