2 Blogs that Make you Feel Good

Have you ever read a blog and just felt so good and relaxed and calmed when you were done? I have two blogs that I enjoy reading. Both leave me longing for simpler times and simpler things, and yet when I leave their site I feel calm and relaxed. The spirit of the blog is… Continue reading 2 Blogs that Make you Feel Good


Journey through Ephesians Weeks 1 & 2

  I have a joined the Journey through Ephesians study along with several others over at . I am week behind posting about what I am learning and studying because of course as we all know, life happens. So I am combining weeks 1 and 2 in this post but from this point on… Continue reading Journey through Ephesians Weeks 1 & 2

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Behind the Re-Design and New Name

Hi ya'll I wanted to give you guys a little info about why I did the re-design and new name. I was going to do this via video but every time I would go to shoot it the phone would ring or the kids would start screaming. But that's life and so I decided to… Continue reading Behind the Re-Design and New Name


The Homeschool Mother’s Journal 1/23–1/27

In my life this week… My life has been crazy this week. Trying to get things done. Trying to get the paperwork for our taxes and so much that I haven’t had as much blogging time this week.   In our homeschool this week… The girls have enjoyed learning about Daniel Boone, Miles Standish, Boniface.… Continue reading The Homeschool Mother’s Journal 1/23–1/27


Project 52 Week 4

This past week has been really busy but one thing we did get to try is a new hairstyle on A. It was so cute and I took a pic and that is my Project 52 photo for this week.

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She Turned 12… and more…

I missed my Monday post this week. It’s been a crazy past few days. My baby girl, my oldest daughter S turned 12 on Monday. But lets go back to Friday to explain why I missed my Monday post. Friday my wonderful, awesome hubby came home to spend the weekend with us. This transition from… Continue reading She Turned 12… and more…


Project 52 Week 3

I saw this bright blue bird sitting on our swing set and it was so pretty against the grey and dreary back drop of our winter day here. Such a bright spot in my day.


3 Things to know….

Before reading a Karen Kingsbury novel. You Will Cry – There will be tears of joy, sorrow, and fullness. Make sure you have a tissue box in hand. You Will Not Want to Put It Down – Karen has a way of writing that you will be hooked from the first page. You feel like… Continue reading 3 Things to know….


Proverbs 17:9

Overlook an offense and bond a friendship;    fasten on to a slight and—good-bye, friend! Too many times relationships are broken because we can not overlook a persons faults. We tend to forget about all of our own problems and quickly focus in on everyone else’s. It’s as if we think our own faults are… Continue reading Proverbs 17:9

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Journey Through Ephesians

This morning I got up and started the Journey Through Ephesians Bible Study with the Good Morning Girls. I am so excited to do this 12 week study on the book of Ephesians. Each Monday I will post what I have learned and gleaned from the Word of God from the previous weeks assignments. I… Continue reading Journey Through Ephesians