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2 Things You NEED To Do

It’s getting close to the end of the year and there are 2 things you should make sure you do at the end of the year (if not more often).

  1. Back up your files. I learned from experience to make sure that I have a back up of all 57474hsu6cw8m39my important documents photo’s, video’s and music. Especially if you’re a blogger.  I lost everything several years ago and am very quick to make sure I back it all up anymore. You should do this more than once a year but if you don’t think about it then make sure you do it at the end of each year at least.
  2. Clean out your computer. If you have a desktop computer it will get dusty inside. You should try to clean out your computer once every couple of months anyway. You just need to unplug it and slide/unscrew the side of the case and using a can of air, that you can get at any store that sells electronics and office supplies, blow out all the dust. It is a simple way to make your computer run smoother and last longer.

Do you have any “must do’s” for your end of year? Please share.