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Homeschooling During the Christmas Season

From Thanksgiving on our schedules become fuller and our days are much busier. Not to mention the daylight hours are much shorter. So it makes the day seem greatly shortened. Of course, when you homeschool there is that much more work on your plate. Here are two ways to make homeschooling enjoyable during the Christmas season.

  1. Create a lighter schedule – Don’t pile on the book work. Lighten the load a bit during16146rile2mfptq this time of year. Schedule the basics (English, Math and reading) and look for more fun activities to add in that will make it more fun. Find crafts and stuff to do for art and you can also use those things as gifts for the extended family.
  2. Take a longer winter break – As homeschoolers we have the freedom to make our own schedule and school all year if you want. Or   you can take less breaks throughout the regular school year so that you can have a longer winter break during the Christmas season so you’re not as overwhelmed. Then, you don’t have the stress of lessons to go along with all the other activities that you do during this time of the year. The schedule you create should be what works best for you and your family.

Remember that overdoing it isn’t good for either you or your children. It will cause burn-out. And no one likes to experience burn out. Just remember to relax and don’t stress, and most importantly pray.

Have a great Christmas!