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10 Reasons I love to Blog


Some people don’t always understand why we choose to blog. So I thought I would list some of my reasons in the final entry in my 10 days of 10 things series. So here it goes:


  1. It’s a great outlet for my writing.
  2. A way for me to journal what is going on in our life.
  3. A way to journal about our homeschool.
  4. Another way to connect with others on the internet.
  5. A place to share about my hobbies and loves.
  6. A place that I can share honest reviews about products.
  7. An outlet for me to encourage others.
  8. A way for me to promote and support other fellow bloggers.
  9. An outlet to share about my faith.
  10. A good way to make an income from home.

What are some of your reasons for blogging?

Thank you for joining me for the 10 days of 10 things series. I hope you continue to come back here. Remember to bookmark me or add me to your feeds.