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10 of my Favorite Photos taken by me

10days10thingsSince photography is a hobby of mine, I thought today I would share 10 of my favorite photo’s that I have taken over the past few years. I know you’ve seen these before but I can’t help sharing my favorites over and over again. So in no particular order here are 10 photos for you.



Tree on Bridge

A little background about this tree on the bridge. We used to drive by this tree every week on our way to church and it reminded me of something out of Lord of the Rings. It just had that feel to me. So one day I decided to stop so I could get a photo of it. It’s very unique and I think it will always be a favorite of mine. Since this was taken a few years ago the trees have been cut down and are no longer there.



The first year I got my current camera, I was practicing with the continuous shot setting and was watching these icicles melt that had formed on the roof over my porch. I was blessed to get this beautiful shot of the sun shining off the ice as it drips to the ground.


Autumn Tree

This one was taken a couple years ago. I love the orange leaves and the sky in the background. It is a favorite of mine from fall.

Georgetown window

Window Garden

We were on vacation in a small town on the South Carolina coast and I saw this window. I loved the ivy crawling up the walls encircling the balcony of this place.

RR N 4

Stone Bridge

This was taken at Reedy River Falls Park in Greenville, South Carolina. It was fall 2010. In the foreground it still looks like spring but through the tunnel of the bridge it looks like fall.

087 vivid

Grist Mill

This was just taken this past September in Tennessee. We enjoyed some time at the Appalachian Museum.

pinecone 2


I love nature as you can see by these photo’s. I took this one last fall and it’s a favorite. It reminds me of fall.

angel cheer aug 2

Patriotic Cheerleader

This was taken this past 4th of July and its my youngest daughter. The sunset gave the photo a golden glow and I will always love picture of my girls.

10 yrs

Winter Beauty

This is my oldest after a snowfall around her 10th birthday. I think this one will be a timeless favorite for me.


Thoughts of Fall

This is my middle daughter in the fall of last year. This is one of my favorite of her. I think she looks grown up here. That thought frightens me a bit. lol

There you have it. My top 10 photo’s that I’ve taken. Come back tomorrow for my 10 Family Movie picks.